Can’t move on

I used to think

that we’re meant forever.

I actually thought

that nothing can break us apart.

You must have moved on by now,

just how I’m supposed to too.

You must be so amused reading this,

seeing how I still love you.

If only you’d have known,

what you were (are) for me,

you’d know why I can never

move on from you.


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  1. Jokerswild says:

    Sometimes we get so intrigued with a certain book that we can’t turn the page but that comes with time lovely. A person will always remain on the mind and as difficult to leave it behind, the new beginning is always the best step for healing. And I doubt one is amused for letting someone like you get away, one can only feel abused reading how a lovely heart like you is now portraying strength by writing her feelings and displaying the steps of moving forward. You can move on, and writing is a step of displaying that so you already are moving on.🌹. Take the “t” off that first word because I know how strong you are.❤️


  2. Beautifully expressed – it is easier said than done to move on


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