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There are moments when I stare blankly into the space in front of my eyes. Nothing goes through my mind in those moments. Nothing bothers me. No feelings. No memories. Just blank. It is in these little moments that I find some solace. P.S.- What do you think of this quote? Do you agree with…

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If you want to leave, then leave. Don’t think how that’ll make me feel. Just leave. P.S.- What did you think of this quote? Do you ever feel the same way? Comment below!

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People build walls when they get hurt. I built myself a goddamn castle! P.S.- What did you think of this quote? Did you relate to it? Comment below!

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You don’t stay with someone because you know that you’ll end up with them. You stay with them because you care about them and want to make their life better, as long as you’re a part of it.   P.S.- Do you agree with this quote? Have any other thoughts? Comment below!

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Losing control is a privilege not everyone can afford. -Sonali   P.S.- Do you agree with this quote? Comment below!

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Nothing can compare to the beauty of simplicity. -Sonali   P.S.- Do you agree with this? Comment below!  

Quote #4

Will it be too much  if I ask you to see through my smile; if I ask you to look into my eyes and see the pain that lies deep within them? -Sonali    

Quote #3

You don’t need to bring out the best in me to prove that you love me. Just stay with me when no one else is, I will understand. -Sonali

Quote #2

Life’s not a race to be won. It’s a journey to be enjoyed, to be lived. -Sonali

Quote #1

People come and go from your life. It’s you who stayed with yourself the whole time, through good times and through bad. Treat yourself with the dignity you deserve, or you might just lose yourself. -Sonali