You're never there

A lot has happened… is still happening. And I wish that I could confide in you, but I can’t. ‘Cause you’re never there when I need you the most. P.S.- What did you think of this poem? Did you relate to it? Share your thoughts below!

Fall and Crash

I keep on waiting, hurting, and yet, you never come. You’ve pushed me so far to the edge, that I’m about to fall and crash… And there’s nothing that you or I , can do about it. P.S.- What did this poem make you feel like? Did you like it? Share your thoughts below!

Unresolved mess

These past few months, I haven’t been myself. I met some people, who made me aware of parts of me which I myself wasn’t aware of. But being the person that I am, I messed up, again, even with them. I’m sorry, for how I left things, unresolved, between us. I want to talk and…


I stay awake all night, on my bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering, “Where did it all go wrong?” Do you ever do the same? You used to say that you won’t ever leave me, that you’d always be there for me. Where are you now that I need you the most? Why did you…

I need to leave

It’s a storm going on inside me. As the seconds tick by, I grow more and more restless. I know I’m not ready yet but I know that I will never be, until and unless I leave. I need to go out on my own and start over and explore. I cannot know what I…

Dear Haters

Hate me all you want. Try and break me. Bitch around about me behind my back. Do whatever you want. But, be prepared to be surprised when you see me rise like the break of dawn. P.S.- What did you think of this poem? Is there something you want to say to your haters? Comment…

Do you?

You remember that day when we were walking so slow just to stay a little while more in the rain which made everything else but us, so hazy? You remember that day when you wiped the tears off my cheeks while you held my hands like I was your queen, your everything? You remember that…

Three Swans

We’re the three Swans, each beautiful in our own way. We don’t need no one as long as we stand together; We’re all we need. We live in each other, for each other; We’re alive when we’re together. Our lives intertwined with each other to the extent that we feel each other’s ups and downs….

Morning Dew

  Today is one of those days when I feel  like it’s better to not exist. With tearful eyes and a heavy heart, I call you. Your caller tune itself gives my heart some peace. Desperate to hear your voice, I wait for you to pick up the phone. Your voice is like a soothing…

Quote #7

You don’t stay with someone because you know that you’ll end up with them. You stay with them because you care about them and want to make their life better, as long as you’re a part of it.   P.S.- Do you agree with this quote? Have any other thoughts? Comment below!