We’re all we need

  Uncountable questions, endless doubts, you have.   An ocean of insecurities, a valley of guilt, I live with.   Infinite monsters of ours; we fight everyday.   You help me, I help you go on.     You fight my monsters when I’m too weak to, so do I fight yours.   We’re what…

The Insane Sis

Broken, all alone, that’s how I was before you walked in my life.   You made me heal, made me feel like I belonged. You became for me what no one ever could be.   And now you’re gone, left me all alone. You ask me to let you go, but little do you know…

The Real You

  I love you; but it’s not enough. I want to love all of you, the beautiful you, the imperfect you.   I want to know you, all of you. I want to help you heal yourself. I want to become your first and last.   Take it off, your guise. Let me see the…


  Tears fall, like leaves in autumn.   Wanting to give up, not being able to bear it anymore.   Loneliness, consumes me, slowly.   The reasons worth fighting for, starts to disappear.   The light starts to fade; nothing left around me but darkness.   Will this ever end; this feeling of never ending emptiness?

Model of Perfection

  I’m not perfect, no one is.   I don’t want someone who thinks I’m perfect; because I know sooner or later, he’ll see that I’m not, and finally, his feelings will vanish.   I want someone who’ll want and love my imperfections; who won’t want me to be some delusional model of perfection.

Scared of Love

  “What will it be, yes or no?”, You ask. “I don’t have the answer,” I say.   But actually, maybe, I do have the answer. I’m just not brave enough to accept it.   Never have I felt this; Never did I imagined that it would be this intense. This feeling, so raw, so…

My Muse

Oh my muse, where have you gone, leaving me out here, all alone in this wilderness?   Last night, you were right here beside me, keeping me warm from the cold outside.   As the dawn broke, my eyes opened to find not your strong arms holding me, but a never ending terrain of emptiness….

Unspoken Love

You and me, we’re just friends, or so we say.   The belief we have on each other, unshakable.   The promises that we made while we were drunk; unbreakable.   The silent wishes that we share in a glance; unexceptional.   What we have is something unheard of; our unspoken love.

Blogger Recognition Award

  Thank you so much Fariha for nominating me for this award. I’m truly humbled and I really appreciate the continuous support that you give to my blog and to me. 🙂   How my blog started? I started writing when I was 11. There was no problem except that I had no one to read my…

Untouched Soul

I want to know you like no one ever has.   I want to make you do things you’re most scared of.   I want to know your darkest secrets that you never revealed.   I want to lift you when you fall and are about to give up.   I want to touch your…