A Better Tomorrow

At the end of the day, when I’m all alone in my bed and contemplating if life’s even worth it, when the whole world around me crumbles down to pieces, when nothing goes through my head as I stare into the oblivion, it’s you who scares the darkness away, it’s you who brings me back…

Our First

All those glances that we shared in between classes, All those texts that we exchanged early in the morning, All those late night conversations where we confessed our wildest fears, All those attempts that we made to get closer, has led us up to this day, our very first anniversary.

Do you?

You remember that day when we were walking so slow just to stay a little while more in the rain which made everything else but us, so hazy? You remember that day when you wiped the tears off my cheeks while you held my hands like I was your queen, your everything? You remember that…

Holding on to Life

Think life’s getting tough? Take a step back. Close your eyes. Feel the blood that’s coursing through your veins? That’s for a reason. Now you may not know it yet, but you soon will. So every once in a while, just sit back and, breathe. P.S.- Sometimes all you need to do is to just…

Three Swans

We’re the three Swans, each beautiful in our own way. We don’t need no one as long as we stand together; We’re all we need. We live in each other, for each other; We’re alive when we’re together. Our lives intertwined with each other to the extent that we feel each other’s ups and downs….