The Joke

  “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t be your friend and more, but not be called yours.   I need an answer now. Tell me what you want. Will you say yes, or no? Just tell me.”   Breathless, I was. Couldn’t even think straight. My thoughts went haywire. “I need time,” I said….

Nothing’s wrong

  I should have known better. My mistake; my fault. It’s me who was so naive to think that words like these can ever matter. Nothing’s wrong; nothing’s right either.

Inconvenient Love

  Love has never been easy. It’s not something you can put on hold to suit you; It needs to be fought for. Love tests you; Prove that you really do love her, that you’re not playing her.   Life will throw you into a pool of problems. It’s up to you to see it…