I know I shouldn’t

I know that we’re just delaying the inevitable, and that you’ll have to leave soon. I know that I should be ready and prepared and used to it, by now. But I still feel like the air has been sucked out of my lungs at the very mention of you going away. I know that…

A forever with you

Your hand in mine, my head on your shoulder, your other arm on my waist, holding me close to you. The light just enough to light up your face, at this beautiful break of dawn, that’s bearing the witness to something so special between us. No amount of time feels enough, when spent with you….

Your Love

You can’t even begin to comprehend how amorously it warms my heart when you address me as your love. The way you take my hand in yours, such a simple gesture and yet, claiming me as yours at the same moment. I can’t even explain to you how exhilarating it is to know, that you…

Immune to Love

I thought I was immune to these feelings that I now feel. I thought I had everything that I need, but now I have you. And it’s now that I have you, that I realize what I was missing out on. Knowing that I have you with me, makes me feel so strong and complete….

Take me

Take my hand, and lead me to the place, where we can be ourselves, and not be worried about what others would say. Take me in your arms, and hide me away, from this world, that only knows how to judge and ridicule. Take me as I am, and love me for who I am,…

You’re all you need

When it gets dark, be the light who lights up the room. When you start feeling detached, be the person who would hold you tight, through it all. When you start feeling doubtful, be the person who can love you with all your scars. When it gets overwhelming, be the person who lights up the…

Quote #14

We don’t need to bring pain to others, to bring contentment to ourselves. P.S.- What do you think of this quote? Do you agree with it? Have any other opinions? Share below!

I need time

“I need time,” I told you on the second day of the journey that we started on together. I don’t know what exactly this is that I need time for. I myself don’t understand most of the things that I say, but I do genuinely feel them. Maybe it’s to get a grasp of reality,…

From Suffocation to Contentment

Suffocating it was, to not be able to say what I really wanted you to know. Maddening it was, to keep pretending to be okay with everything. Relieved I am, when on the second day, I told you that I need time. Content I am, now that you know, exactly what I want and need….

What if?

What if I open my heart up to you? Would you embrace it, or would you demolish the leftover pieces, just like everyone else did? Would you accept its faults and insecurities, along with its kindness and compassion, or would you take advantage of its innocence, and then leave me to fend for myself? Would…