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Nothing can compare to the beauty of simplicity. -Sonali   P.S.- Do you agree with this? Comment below!  

What we have

It’s been a year since we met. Here’s to more. I close my eyes, hoping that you’ll be here when I open them, but you’re not. So many plans we have for the day when we’ll be right in front of each other, for the very first time. We used to stay up late just…

My Last Sleep

Oh so tired I am, can’t wait to go to bed and, put my aching heart to rest. I close my eyes, and dream my way into a deep sleep, so peaceful and calm. I fall deeper and deeper into the dark abyss of unknown, never to come back again, never to open my eyes…

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You don’t need to bring out the best in me to prove that you love me. Just stay with me when no one else is, I will understand. -Sonali

Your Special Day

  There you were in a tux looking so handsome, with the love of your life standing right beside you, about to say “I do.”   You seemed restless, as if you were searching for someone and right then, those dazzling amber eyes of yours found mine.   You were tensed, maybe you were wondering…

Afraid of Light

  Pitch black was all I could see around me; It was all I’d ever seen.   You brought me in this light, away from the darkness.   All this goodness, it overwhelms me. It’s too dazzling, I want to cower away.   You brought me in this world so blazing. How am I supposed…

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Life’s not a race to be won. It’s a journey to be enjoyed, to be lived. -Sonali

The Liebster Award (3rd)

Thanks Daneelyunus for nominating me for this award. I really appreciate the continuous support you show to my blog and me.     11 Facts About Me- Since I’ve already shared 11 facts about me in the previous posts for the Liebster awards, you can check it out on here- The Liebster Award The Liebster Award…

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People come and go from your life. It’s you who stayed with yourself the whole time, through good times and through bad. Treat yourself with the dignity you deserve, or you might just lose yourself. -Sonali

The Lyrical Challenge, Day 3

  This is the third and the last day of this challenge. Thanks again Manish Malu for nominating me for this challenge. It’s been a really fun ride. Thanks to you for letting me be a part of it.   The Song: Better Place– Rachel Platten   I’ll tell the world, I’ll sing a song It’s a…