To be a living paradox

To be truly alive and breathing, to be living and loving, to be sweet and kind, to be innocent and wild, that’s how I aspire to be for the rest of my life. To be with the person I want to be with, to be with the people I love to be with, to be…

Quote #12

The world might be a bad place… but I want to stay here a little while longer. P.S.- After battling with tons of negativity and suicidal thoughts, have you ever wanted to live? Have you ever felt like finally, you’re actually alive and that you don’t merely exist? Share your thoughts below!

I need to leave

It’s a storm going on inside me. As the seconds tick by, I grow more and more restless. I know I’m not ready yet but I know that I will never be, until and unless I leave. I need to go out on my own and start over and explore. I cannot know what I…

Holding on to Life

Think life’s getting tough? Take a step back. Close your eyes. Feel the blood that’s coursing through your veins? That’s for a reason. Now you may not know it yet, but you soon will. So every once in a while, just sit back and, breathe. P.S.- Sometimes all you need to do is to just…

Quote #4

Will it be too much  if I ask you to see through my smile; if I ask you to look into my eyes and see the pain that lies deep within them? -Sonali