I saw you today

  I saw you today, sitting on the fence of that playground we used to play in.   You had this whole mystery vibe coming off of you, and you know how I love that about you.   You must have caught many eyes with that grey shirt, black jacket on. I wonder if you…

My Muse

Oh my muse, where have you gone, leaving me out here, all alone in this wilderness?   Last night, you were right here beside me, keeping me warm from the cold outside.   As the dawn broke, my eyes opened to find not your strong arms holding me, but a never ending terrain of emptiness….

The Weight of Silence

Staying silent Wait for someone else to speak up Wait for someone else to voice your thoughts Wait for something which will never come…   Stop waiting. Voice your thoughts or it’ll die deep within you.   Don’t let silence dull your voice.   Let your voice be the fresh dew on a winter’s morning.

Journey of Words

  I’m going on a journey of words with a stranger, Without seeing, I’m dreaming dreams. I’ve made a picture of it in my heart, I hope that picture doesn’t fades. You’re coming closer through words, and making even the silence beautiful. Let’s live together those moments that we’re dreaming of, I’m still decorating my…

A Known Stranger

  “What to say about those pictures of yours that have become just a dream in my eyes? Through words I cannot define your beauty Wish i could be with you and play with your curls. Keeping myself happy from your talks Now I sleep with dreams of a known stranger. No light, no fairy…