Quote #15

You’re just a haunted dream to me now. Nothing more. P.S.- Did this quote remind you of someone? What did it make you think of? Share your thoughts below!

A forever with you

Your hand in mine, my head on your shoulder, your other arm on my waist, holding me close to you. The light just enough to light up your face, at this beautiful break of dawn, that’s bearing the witness to something so special between us. No amount of time feels enough, when spent with you….

I’m not you

Please. Just stop trying to control every fucking thing in my life. Who to talk to, what to wear, when to sleep and what to feel. Please just let me be. I know you care, want only good for me, but it gets suffocating, constantly trying to mould myself into the person that you want…

Quote #14

We don’t need to bring pain to others, to bring contentment to ourselves. P.S.- What do you think of this quote? Do you agree with it? Have any other opinions? Share below!

I need time

“I need time,” I told you on the second day of the journey that we started on together. I don’t know what exactly this is that I need time for. I myself don’t understand most of the things that I say, but I do genuinely feel them. Maybe it’s to get a grasp of reality,…

From Suffocation to Contentment

Suffocating it was, to not be able to say what I really wanted you to know. Maddening it was, to keep pretending to be okay with everything. Relieved I am, when on the second day, I told you that I need time. Content I am, now that you know, exactly what I want and need….

Tore down my own self

“Why am I not enough?” I used to wonder, every single moment of every single day. It seemed as though, everyone would be happier, everything would be nicer, if only I wouldn’t be a part of it. Everything wrong seemed to be because of me, blame upon blame, I showered upon myself. Ruthlessly and cold…

Liberty to be Free

I saw you today, in one of my dreams. And for the first time, my heart didn’t ache, like it always used to. I should have been an emotional wreck, but it barely affected me at all. And I guess, I’ll now take the liberty to declare myself, as officially free from the overwhelming feelings,…

Trying to be Calm

I should be calm and collected, and not be affected, by something that isn’t even in my control. I think, think and think, over-contemplate every little thing, only for me to be left in the ruins of negativity. I try to be worth what I have, but I just can’t seem to catch, the idea…

Highs and Lows

This exhaustion is so intoxicating, making me high, when I’m actually just real down. Maybe I’m not down, maybe I’m better than I’ve ever been before. Being high or down may not be two different things. Being high does not always gives us euphoria, being down doesn’t always means that we’re stressed. Maybe the highs…