Trying to be Calm

I should be calm and collected, and not be affected, by something that isn’t even in my control. I think, think and think, over-contemplate every little thing, only for me to be left in the ruins of negativity. I try to be worth what I have, but I just can’t seem to catch, the idea…

Highs and Lows

This exhaustion is so intoxicating, making me high, when I’m actually just real down. Maybe I’m not down, maybe I’m better than I’ve ever been before. Being high or down may not be two different things. Being high does not always gives us euphoria, being down doesn’t always means that we’re stressed. Maybe the highs…

The Breakdown

The day before yesterday, I had a breakdown. I thought I was better now. I thought I was over it all. Everything was going well. I was exceptionally happy and content with everything in my life. But then, it hit me like BAM! I couldn’t speak, couldn’t even comprehend what others were saying to me….

Quote #12

The world might be a bad place… but I want to stay here a little while longer. P.S.- After battling with tons of negativity and suicidal thoughts, have you ever wanted to live? Have you ever felt like finally, you’re actually alive and that you don’t merely exist? Share your thoughts below!

All black, no white

You were supposed to tell me that I’m worth it. But instead, you made me question my existence. You were supposed to teach me how to believe in myself. But instead, you made me hate myself. You were supposed to show me how beautiful life can be. But instead, you made me want to end…

Why this hatred, love?

Why is it that you hate me so much? Is it because I’m not pure, or is it because I’m not perfect like your other one? I’ve always longed for your love, like a stranded sailor in the cruel sea. But I always found myself returning empty handed, with a wounded heart. I am your…

Silver Lining to My Dark Cloud

Falling… but I don’t want to fall. Waiting… I don’t know how long I can wait. Praying… All my prayers have you. Trying… To be worthy of you. Silver lining… I hope I am to your dark cloud, as you are to mine. P.S.- What did you think of this poem? Share your thoughts below!

White Knight

You’re not my white knight in a shining armor. I thought it was you, but you’re not. I was wrong. You’re just the person whom I love, unconditionally, even though you never come to my rescue. You’re the one , whom I expect nothing from. You’re the one who can hurt me, over and over…

You’re never there

A lot has happened… is still happening. And I wish that I could confide in you, but I can’t. ‘Cause you’re never there when I need you the most. P.S.- What did you think of this poem? Did you relate to it? Share your thoughts below!

Fall and Crash

I keep on waiting, hurting, and yet, you never come. You’ve pushed me so far to the edge, that I’m about to fall and crash… And there’s nothing that you or I , can do about it. P.S.- What did this poem make you feel like? Did you like it? Share your thoughts below!