Mr. Jackie!

“Mr. Jack! Mr. Jackie!”


“Here she comes again.”


“Mr. Jackie! There you are!”


“Seriously? It’s bad enough that you’ve kept me here, locked up in your Barbie doll house. Now you don’t have to scream in the middle of the night!”


“Oh sorry Mr. Jackie.”


“Don’t you dare make that puppy face!”


“Mr. Jack… I’m…”


“Why are you crying now?”


“Mr. Jackie…”




“I saw a nighty mare.”


“Someone stole your Barbie doll?”




“Then what? Seriously, say fast. I’ve to go back to dream about The Meeting of The Wicked.”


“I saw that … you were…”


“I was what? Did I finally scare you?”


“No. You were gone.”


“Really? That’s even awesome! I hope your dream comes true, kid! I’ll finally get freed!”


“But you were dead.”


“So? I’ll get to go to hell. My home! Finally!”


“No, you won’t. You’re my friend. You’ll go to heaven.”


“I’m your what?”


“My friend.”


“Kid, I’m not your friend. I’m evil. I came here to take your soul away. If I wouldn’t have been trapped in this Jack-O-Lantern because of that stupid accident, I would have sucked your soul out by now.”


“No. You’re my friend.”




“Because you’re the only one who calls me kid. Others call me by my name.”


“But Amy is your name.”


“But I don’t like it. You always stay with me. You’re my friend.”


“If you’re trying to impress me and make me not take away your soul then, you’re wasting your time. I’ll take your soul once I’m free of this Jack-O-Lantern form and then, I’ll be welcomed like a king in hell!”




“Hey! What are you doing? Get your hands off me!”




“Get this thing off of my head!”


“Why? It looks so beautiful on you!”


“What is this thing?”


“A tiara. I don’t have a crown. For now, you can use this. I’ll get you a crown tomorrow.”


“But this is just ridiculous…”


“I’m going to sleep now.”


“No. Wait! Take this shiny thing off my head!”


“Good night Mr. Jackie.”


“Here I am trying to take her soul away and she’s making me a king. She’s just dumb, like all the kids are. I’ll torture so much before taking her soul away…”


“Shhh…  Mr. Jackie. I’m sleeping.”


“Ah okay…”


“By the way, Happy Halloween Mr. Jackie.”


“Huh. Halloween, my foot.”


“You don’t have a foot.”


“You’re still awake?”


“No… Good night Mr. Jackie.”




“Where… are your… manners …Mr. Jackie?”


“Fine. Good night kid.”




“Happy Halloween kid.”

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