Love- An Illusion

Love is a situation,

In which one sees fairytales.

Fairytales, which will never come true,

because it is nothing but an illusion.


Everything now seems beautiful,

But seemed to be hideous,

just yesterday.


Your smile becomes a lifelong friend,

which was a complete stranger,

just yesterday.


Your depression becomes past,

which was your present,

just yesterday.


But not for long,

as history always repeats itself.

And soon, your yesterday

becomes your present.


Hideousness of nature returns,

everything turns back to as it was,

just yesterday.


Your smile turns out to be a dishonest friend,

and tears return where they were,

just yesterday.


Your depression returns, more powerful this time,

than what it was,

just yesterday.


Love is like a walk,

in a beautiful garden.

Only that garden is full of thorns,

which turns out to be a heck of a burden.



Don’t fall in love,

Because it is a trap,

Or why one has to fall in it.

Give it a thought.

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  1. We have very different views of love, but I really like how you express yours! Well done!

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    1. Sonali says:

      Well maybe. I wrote this poem 2 yeas ago so this is my views on love from when I used to be a depressed, emotional mess. I think my perspective on love has changed now.
      Thank you!

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