Was it my mistake?

What happened to us? Was it my mistake?   So close we were just a few months before, and look at what we’ve become now. We said that we would never change, together we promised to stay, always.   What happened to us? Was it my mistake?   Loads of ego there is in both…

Quote #4

Will it be too much  if I ask you to see through my smile; if I ask you to look into my eyes and see the pain that lies deep within them? -Sonali    

Quote #2

Life’s not a race to be won. It’s a journey to be enjoyed, to be lived. -Sonali

I saw you today

  I saw you today, sitting on the fence of that playground we used to play in.   You had this whole mystery vibe coming off of you, and you know how I love that about you.   You must have caught many eyes with that grey shirt, black jacket on. I wonder if you…

It hurts me

  Don’t you think it hurts me to wake up every day to an empty bed without you?   Don’t you think it hurts me to keep dreaming of you knowing that you’re someone else’s reality?   Don’t you think it hurts me to keep wishing for your happiness with someone else, when all I…


  Tears fall, like leaves in autumn.   Wanting to give up, not being able to bear it anymore.   Loneliness, consumes me, slowly.   The reasons worth fighting for, starts to disappear.   The light starts to fade; nothing left around me but darkness.   Will this ever end; this feeling of never ending emptiness?

Scared of Love

  “What will it be, yes or no?”, You ask. “I don’t have the answer,” I say.   But actually, maybe, I do have the answer. I’m just not brave enough to accept it.   Never have I felt this; Never did I imagined that it would be this intense. This feeling, so raw, so…

My Muse

Oh my muse, where have you gone, leaving me out here, all alone in this wilderness?   Last night, you were right here beside me, keeping me warm from the cold outside.   As the dawn broke, my eyes opened to find not your strong arms holding me, but a never ending terrain of emptiness….

Why him?

  Everyone said, “Don’t do it; You’ll regret it.” It was me; Naive too incompetent to know that they were right.   A fairytale, I thought it was; A nightmare, it turned into.     Why didn’t I listen to them? Why didn’t I just let him go? Why did I have to fall in…

Nothing’s wrong

  I should have known better. My mistake; my fault. It’s me who was so naive to think that words like these can ever matter. Nothing’s wrong; nothing’s right either.