Can’t we?

Can’t we just be and still agree to be in peace? P.S.- Why are humans so prone to anger and violence? Why can’t we all just live and let others live in peace? How hard can it be after all, to not pass our unsolicited opinions onto everyone else? Always commenting on someone else’s body,…


Falling, feeling, creating. Living, loving, being. Living.

Highs and Lows

This exhaustion is so intoxicating, making me high, when I’m actually just real down. Maybe I’m not down, maybe I’m better than I’ve ever been before. Being high or down may not be two different things. Being high does not always gives us euphoria, being down doesn’t always means that we’re stressed. Maybe the highs…

Quote #12

The world might be a bad place… but I want to stay here a little while longer. P.S.- After battling with tons of negativity and suicidal thoughts, have you ever wanted to live? Have you ever felt like finally, you’re actually alive and that you don’t merely exist? Share your thoughts below!

I need to leave

It’s a storm going on inside me. As the seconds tick by, I grow more and more restless. I know I’m not ready yet but I know that I will never be, until and unless I leave. I need to go out on my own and start over and explore. I cannot know what I…

Dear Haters

Hate me all you want. Try and break me. Bitch around about me behind my back. Do whatever you want. But, be prepared to be surprised when you see me rise like the break of dawn. P.S.- What did you think of this poem? Is there something you want to say to your haters? Comment…

Quote #7

You don’t stay with someone because you know that you’ll end up with them. You stay with them because you care about them and want to make their life better, as long as you’re a part of it.   P.S.- Do you agree with this quote? Have any other thoughts? Comment below!

Quote #6

Losing control is a privilege not everyone can afford. -Sonali   P.S.- Do you agree with this quote? Comment below!

My Last Sleep

Oh so tired I am, can’t wait to go to bed and, put my aching heart to rest. I close my eyes, and dream my way into a deep sleep, so peaceful and calm. I fall deeper and deeper into the dark abyss of unknown, never to come back again, never to open my eyes…

A Special Bond

  Fresh like a dew you are, Rising sun you are of my life. I find myself in you when Ever I think I’m lost. Never give up on each other; Day or night, we stand together. Special bond it is that we share.     P.S.- Let me know what you think of this…