I want to live


Raghav is a retired government official who retired in 1994 from the Ministry of Railways’a research unit Called RDSO, Lucknow (UP), India, Government of India. He’s an amazing poet and this is one of my favorite poems from him.



I want to live


Mom, what harm have I done?
Is it because I am not a son?
Don’t I have a right to live?
Why should you unjustly grieve?

Am I not your flesh and blood?
Why then do you want me dead?
Isn’t a child a gift from God?
To think a girl is not is surely odd,

For ten months you had fed me,
And you I was eager to see,
Why is gloom on your face
As though I’ve brought you disgrace?

A boy or a girl is a child,
Why should a girl be reviled
When a boy is adored?
Mom, I don’t want to be ignored,

Let me live as your daughter,
Me, your child, don’t slaughter,
A son or a daughter, both are equal,
Any other thought you must quell,

Were you not born a girl like me?
Were you not allowed the light of day to see?
I have just entered this world
And don’t want in darkness be hurled,

Let me live, I plead with you,
Don’t be a bigot like the few
A girl to whom is a curse,
But me with care and love nurse.



A note from the poet-

The pleadings of the new born girl were in vain. The mother snuffed the life out of the new born. This is no fiction. This incident was reported in the dailies some time ago. In another shocking incident, when the third child too happened to be a girl, the mother threw all the three girl children into a well before jumping into the well and losing her life. This is a very recent case reported in all the national dailies here. Age old belief is the root cause of this malady.

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  1. Benjamin Woolridge says:

    Very moving.

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    1. Sonali says:

      I’m glad you think so.


  2. Rageshree says:


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    1. Sonali says:

      Thanks 😊


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